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The Collapse of Enron Seemed to Be a Thumb in the Nose to...

The collapse of Enron was entirely related to the accounting practices adopted by the company. It is a number of these questionable, and in some cases straight out fraudulent, accounting practices that pertained to the most dramatic collapse of a major company in years. An analysis of some of these accounting practices brings to light the problems with the use of concepts such as mark-to-market accounting and the use of special purpose entity’s (SPE’s). To say that the collapse â€Å"seemed to be a thumb in the nose of the efficient market hypothesis (EMH)† is a statement misguided in the understanding of this concept. One can explain this through the fact that a number of the basic principals of the EMH were satisfied during the time of the†¦show more content†¦The balance sheet of Enron included a number of current and noncurrent accounts called â€Å"Price risk management assets† (Haldeman, 2006), these accounts were the fair value accounts that related to Enron’s assets. â€Å"In January 1992 Skilling and Enron persuaded the SEC to allow them to use mark-to-market accounting to value there long term gas contracts and derivatives† (Haldeman, 2006) this gave Enron the â€Å"Potential to book future profits on the day the deal was signed† (Enron: The Smartest Guys in The Room) and in turn allowed â€Å"Enron’s profits to be what ever they said they were† (Enron: The Smartest Guys in The Room). An example of the use of these â€Å"fair† value accounting methods is Enron’s building of a power plant in India. India could not pay for the energy that Enron produced which led to a loss of 1 billion dollars, however multi-million dollar bonuses were paid to executives based on â€Å"imaginary profits† developed from the fair-value accounting approach (Enron: The Smartest Guys in The Room). From the evidence above, we can see that the information that was produced from mark-to-market accounting did not allow for the true and fair view of the companies performance. The application of the efficient market hypothesis flows onward from theShow MoreRelatedManagement Course: Mba−10 General Management215330 Words   |  862 Pagesthese driving factors be influenced by the brutally competitive global economy in which organizations do not have any particular geographic identity or travel under any particular national passport? What will be the effect of the rapid gyrations in markets that emphasize the difficulties that accounting practices face in determining true performance costs and that forecasting programs confront in establishing the economic determinants of corporate planning? In addition to these challenges, many analyticalRead MoreFundamentals of Hrm263904 Words   |  1056 PagesEnvironments 4 The Changing World of Technology What Is a Knowledge Worker? 6 How Technology Affects HRM Practices 6 Recruiting 7 Employee Selection 7 Training and Development 7 Ethics and Employee Rights 7 Motivating Knowledge Workers 7 Paying Employees Market Value 8 Communications 8 Decentralized Work Sites 8 Skill Levels 8 A Legal Concern 8 Employee Involvement 20 How Organizations Involve Employees 20 Employee Involvement Implications for HRM 20 Other HRM Challenges 21 Recession 21 Off Shoring 21Read MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 Pages91 4 Emotions and Moods 97 What Are Emotions and Moods? 98 The Basic Emotions 100 †¢ The Basic Moods: Positive and Negative Affect 100 †¢ The Function of Emotions 102 †¢ Sources of Emotions and Moods 103 Emotional Labor 108 Affective Events Theory 110 Emotional Intelligence 112 The Case for EI 113 †¢ The Case Against EI 114 †¢ Emotion Regulation 115 OB Applications of Emotions and Moods 115 Selection 116 †¢ Decision Making 116 †¢ Creativity 116 †¢ Motivation 117 †¢ Leadership 117 †¢ Negotiation 117Read MoreExploring Corporate Strategy - Case164366 Words   |  658 Pageswhich have been chosen to enlarge speciï ¬ c issues in the text and/or provide practical examples of how business and public sector organisations are managing strategic issues. The case studies which follow allow the reader to extend this linking of theory and practice further by analysing the strategic issues of speciï ¬ c organisations in much greater depth – and often providing â €˜solutions’ to some of the problems or difï ¬ culties identiï ¬ ed in the case. There are also over 33 classic cases on the Companion

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Gender Differences and Gender Stereotypes from a...

Gender Differences and Gender Stereotypes from a Psychological Perspective Gender Differences and Gender Stereotypes Gender differences and gender stereotypes are fascinating in that one must sift through the theories, assumptions and inevitable confusion to distinguish the reality from the assumption. Men and women are obviously different, especially inherently, but how? And why? And which differences are more individualized than generalized? Even more interesting is to observe how the differences between men and women have evolved, especially over the past 30 years- since the sexual revolution. A generous amount of research has been done since then, and this research is continually updated as men and women evolve themselves.†¦show more content†¦The difference in the degree of aggression between the two genders seems much more obvious in people’s youth. Young boys are known to fight a lot, but there aggression seems to fade as they mature. There have been many studies involving gender differences in aggressive behavior. What causes this behavior? Is it environmental or inbor n? Some believe that aggression is caused by nature, while others believe that it is caused by nurture. Those who argue that aggression is caused by the nature theory argue that the level of aggressiveness differs in the two sexes because of the difference in the level of sex hormone, testosterone. In rebuttal, the nurture side argues that aggressiveness is largely caused by the social structure in which we live. This team believes that as soon as a child recognizes his/her gender, he/she becomes either passive or aggressive, thinking that that is what they are expected to be. Such behavior is encouraged by the media, the parents whom they follow, and other important factors in their lives. In an effort to prove whether the aggressiveness of gender is caused by nature or nurture, some information has been collected. However, even with the data it is hard to come to a conclusion. Self-confidence is another major issue, concerning genders. Psychologists say that women have less self-confidence than men do. When a male student and a female studentShow MoreRelatedGender Roles : Gender And Gender1587 Words   |  7 PagesMany people don’t know the difference between gender and sex. Sex is anatomical and biological. Gender role can be defined as a person’s inner sense of how a male or female should feel and behave. Culture and society are two important factors in relation to this particular topic. This implies that various societies and cultures may produce children and later fully grown men and women who may have diverse perspectives of a man or a woman’s place or role in the world around them; this is often determinedRead MoreExploring the Formation of â€Å"Perspective Fixedness† Through Established Theories1100 Words   |  5 PagesExploring the Formation of â€Å"Perspective Fixedness† Through Established Theories The ability to take different and varying perspectives in any given situation is a strength and often seen as an indicator of intelligence or at least, competence. This fluidity of perspective is a prominent part of many entrance tests for gifted children in schools (McGlonn-Nelson, 2005). In everyday cultural interactions, however, the quality does not seem to be endorsed or encouraged and in looking at the System JustificationRead MoreSex-Role Stereotyping Essay835 Words   |  4 Pagesinescapable, the new generation takes its cues from older generations, and thus, any change in them is slow. Few would argue that some differences do exist between men and women. However, are these differences significant enough to perpetuate male and female stereotypes? More importantly, do such stereotypes serve any benefit to an individual or culture? Jeanne Humphrey Block, author of Conceptions of Sex Role- Some Cross Cultural and Longitudinal Perspectives, uses the term â€Å"sex role† to describe theRead MoreBreaking through the Barriers Essay1649 Words   |  7 Pagesthe definition of the word â€Å"gender† question whether one is male or female, or does it derive from something much deeper than that? Think back to childhood and try to recall some of the most popular toys. Most likely, females were given a baby doll, and males, an action figure of some sort. From early childhood all the way to late adulthood, Americans are taught the differences between a man and a woman by these small gestures. The theory and concepts surrounding gender vary by culture, but as AmericansRead MoreThe Theory Of Equality And Gender Roles1176 Words   |  5 PagesThe world one lives in it happens to grasp that all humans are designed as equals. This is far-off from reality based on how this society is operating. The principle o f equality does not imply that everyone is the same, nevertheless that everyone should be treated as equals unless special circumstances apply. When it comes to the two sexes, everything that comes in its bounds is either biased intentionally or unintentionally, either way it continues. One could be aware of the characteristics andRead MoreModern Day American Society By Aaron Devor s Bros Before Hos : The Guy Code ``1635 Words   |  7 Pages yet it is the root of all gender relations. The widely accepted notion that men naturally evolved to become the superior sex is a myth. Aaron Devor’s â€Å"Becoming Members of Society: Learning the Social Meanings of Gender,† and Michael Kimmel’s â€Å"Bros Before Hos: The Guy Code,† both argue that the gender hierarchy America has been built upon is the product of socialization. Devor s essay, written more like a research paper, focuses on explaining the origins of the gender myth through well-researchedRead MoreO bjectification Of Women And Women1462 Words   |  6 Pagesand women and how they are related to levels of sexism and psychological well-being. The literature on objectification has mostly indicated the connection between viewing objectified media representations and women’s body displeasure and motivation to achieve a slim body. The goal of the current study was to further past research by studying the effects of objectified media images –considering both male and female models– on psychological well-being, self-regard, and support of sexist states of mindRead MoreThe Topic Of Sexuality1144 Words   |  5 Pagesphenomenon and is influenced by the interaction of psychological, biological, social, cultural factors and many more. Horrocks (1997), suggests that to try and understand or explain a definitive conclusion about sexuality seems impossible as sexuality has different meanings to so many groups of people. Introduce the perspectives being used in essay (para)- There are a wide variety of models and perspectives relating to sexuality. Many perspectives on sexuality use biology and physiology as the basisRead MoreShould Children Be Exposed From Gender Roles?973 Words   |  4 PagesShould Children Be Exposed To Gender Roles? In modern day America there is an ongoing disagreement between people of all ages about the topic of gender roles in children. According to Barrie Thorne and Zella Luria, the word gender is used to refer to â€Å"cultural and social phenomena- divisions of labor, activity, and identity which are associated with but not fully determined by biological sex† (Sexuality and Gender in Children’s Daily Worlds). Whether or not young males should be able to play withRead MoreLiving In 21St Century United States, Being A Much More1042 Words   |  5 Pagesliberal  and inclusive environment (generally speaking) than prior decades, gender â€Å"roles† and their normalities are being severely questioned and challenged. Americans have defined and established gender stereotypes that have become a critical part of how we look at gender roles and create biases about each gender. Stereotypes assume people who belong to a group will appear, behave, look, speak or sound like o thers from that group. The values, norms, practices, behaviors and traditions associated

Disney World Free Essays

Hidden from the general public, deep in the bellies of Walt Disney World, under the Cinderella Castle is where the famed Disney Operational Command Center. In this technological wonder, the underground bunker handles over 30 million annual visitors. It is a true art form when come to how the megaresort, Disney World conduct its crowd control during the busiest times of the year. We will write a custom essay sample on Disney World or any similar topic only for you Order Now Yet, the theme park operators must figure out how to speed up the pace even more. In a world of short attention spans created by video games and smartphones, the general park visitors has a culture cultural shift toward impatience. To stay ahead of these new forms of virtual competition, Disney has to evolve its information systems. Information systems improve operation at Disney in two main ways. First, it increases efficiency of existing processes by automating steps that were manual. The command center uses video cameras, computer programs, digital park maps and other cutting edge tools to automatic spot gridlock before it forms and alerts the command center operators in real time in green, yellow and red outlines. If route of Pirates of the Caribbean, the famed ride that inspired four major motion pictures on the screen changes from green to yellow, the center could respond by alerting the on duty managers to launch more boats. Also, information technology enable entirely new processes that are capable of transforming the business by change flow of information replace sequential steps with parallel steps and eliminate delays in decision making. When the line become super congested, the command center has an option involves dispatching the likes of Captain Jack Sparrow or Goofy to the queue to entertain the patrons as they wait. To alleviate mobs, the command center can summon a miniparade called â€Å"Move it! Shake it! Celebrate It! † into the less concentrated areas to siphon mass from the formed mob. To take advantage of the situation, other technicians in the command center dispatch additional workers to the surrounding restaurants to open additional registers, and greeters to hand out menus to people waiting in line. Disney is not in a position to expand the park and the park holds only so many people at one time. This means Disney must increase revenue by adding to the customer experience. Because of long waits and crowds, in the past the average Magic Kingdom visitors has had time for only 9 rides out of more than 40. In the few month after the arrival of fully functional command center, the information system managed to lift that average to 10 (Barnes). Disney provides customers with many applications for hand held devices. For example, Mobile Magic, a $1. 99 app, allows visitors to locate on site Disney mascots and receive directions to where mascots are heading and signing autographs. It will also shows where the nearest restaurant with the shortest wait is near. If I am a business or MIS manager at Disney World, I will use an application for video, digital or a mobile device that would help Disney visitors to upload personal pictures and share with each other to create a mini community during their magical vacations. How to cite Disney World, Papers Disney World Free Essays The Walt Disney Company was founded in 1923 by Walter Elias Disney. It has four main business segments. These include Studio Entertainment, Parks and Resorts, Consumer Products, and Media Networks. We will write a custom essay sample on Disney World or any similar topic only for you Order Now It is currently the #2 media conglomerate right behind Time Warner. It was ranked 64 on the Fortune 500 companies list. It is currently competing with Time Warner, CBS Corp and News Corp. The main goal of Disney Land is to make people happy and create by far â€Å"the happiest place on Earth†. The goal of every employee is to treat each customer like their own guest. The main objective of this portrayal is to make people believe that nothing bad happens at Disneyland. A community objective of the company is to keep children engaged in creative, constructive and healthy activities. The company guides relationships with adults and offers a wide range of character building opportunities. Disney also encourages compassion and love for one another and especially to those who are facing adversity. The Walt Disney Company follows the best business standards in all of its practices. Employees are trained about the business standards and ethics by the Business Conduct Training Center at Disney. This helps ensure that all employees have the information and guidance to act lawfully and morally. Walt Disney’s hiring practices are such that they provide equal opportunity to all employees and candidates regardless of â€Å"race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital status, covered veteran status, mental or physical disability, pregnancy, or any other basis prohibited by state or federal law.† (Business Standards and Ethics) Walt Disney also prevents harassment and has clear policies on discrimination. Therefore, no employee can harass a guest or another employee â€Å"for any reason prohibited by law, including, but not limited to, race, religion, color, sex, and sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital status, covered veteran status, mental or physical disability, pregnancy, or any other basis prohibited by state or federal law†. (Business Standards and Ethics) How to cite Disney World, Papers Disney World Free Essays My favorite place I can remember was when I went to Disney World for the first time. It was in February 2002 and I was eight years old. It was Christmas day when my dad and step mom came over and gave us just one gift. We will write a custom essay sample on Disney World or any similar topic only for you Order Now The gift was a picture frame and inside it was a paper with pink dotted outline and cursive writing that said â€Å"We’re going to Disney World this February. † That’s when I realized where my most favorite place would be. Walking into Disney all you can hear is the blaring music that sounds like birds singing it. There are sparkling ribbons flowing from every direction, they have ravishing reds, brilliant blues, and outrageous pinks. Mickey Mouse stands at the front gate with a magnificent smile and waving his goofy looking hand. I ran up to give him a hug because my excitement to see him was almost terrifying. While wrapping my baby-sized arms around him, he is fuzzy and smells like an abundance of different types of candy. My dad then wisped me up on his shoulders and it felt like I was on the Eiffel Tower. From being up on top of the world, I peered ahead and saw the most radiant view ever. Running down the little town like road, I had almost missed what the buildings had to show me. The buildings stood enormous and all perfectly decorated with what was in the shops. The toy store had the most mesmerizing appearance and it caught my eye right away. Glass figurines sat elegant in the old wooden window frame while the train twirled around blowing smoke around them. Across the red cobblestone road was the bakery. The luscious smell of chocolate cakes and candy apples replenish the air. The delectable pastries were placed on different shelves. Moist chocolate cakes with dark icing and white bows on top lay across a golden tray on the middle shelf. On the same shelf are eggshell color cookies with Mickey Mouse ears. Below are the same cookie but on these ones have the same ears but were different because they have a ruby red bow between them which were Minnie Mouse ears. Both of them look heavenly to the taste buds and no doubt every kid wants them. The aspect of having a cookie with a character on it was mind blowing to most kids. They never realize that the characters on the cookies were really there. Woody was right on that same street and he was from my favorite movie. He looks as perfection would come. His hat a rustic brown while his badge gleams in the sun with every turn he took. The boots he wore have Andy’s name written across but as worn as a rage doll it is. I was told that this wasn’t the best part and it was sure to come soon. Instead of looking at every store that I thought would each be wonderful, we continued down the road onto other things that day. The one thing everyone knows about Disney World is Cinderella’s Castle. No one every describs how majestic it really is though. The stone it is built of shined when every light hit it. The elegance of the building was so exuberant that it made you feel like you were at a royal gathering. On each of the colossal towers, a flag was gliding through the air. The doors on the castle were massive! They have an antique look to them with wooden panels and a metal door handle. This castle is one of the things Disney needs to tell more of because no one knows its true beauty. Disney World has taken my breathe away since I was only eight years old and still I can be mesmerized with what it has to hold. It might be just a place to go on vacation for some, and others can be somewhere there kids will never forget. My parents wanted it to be that somewhere to never forget and it worked, because now Disney World is my most favorite place to be. How to cite Disney World, Essay examples

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Rob Lee Essays - Fitzhugh Family Of Virginia,

Rob Lee Robert E. = Lee They say you had to see him to believe that a man so fine = could exist.=20 He was handsome. He was clever. He was brave. He was gentle. He = was=20 generous and charming, noble and modest, admired and beloved. He had = never=20 failed at anything in his upright soldier's life. He was born a winner, = this=20 Robert E. Lee. Except for once. In the greatest contest of his life, = in a=20 war between the South and the North, Robert E. Lee lost (Redmond). = Through=20 his life, Robert E. Lee would prove to be always noble, always a = gentleman,=20 and always capable of overcoming the challenge lying before him. = Robert Edward Lee was born on January 19, 1807 (Compton's). He = was=20 born into one of Virginia's most respected families. The Lee family = had=20 moved to America during the mid 1600's. Some genealogist can trace the = Lee's=20 roots back to William the Conqueror. Two members of the Lee family = had signed=20 the Declaration of Independence, Richard Lee and Francis Lightfoot. = Charles=20 Lee had served as attorney General under the Washington = administration=20 while Richard Bland Lee, had become one of Virginia's leading=20 Federalists. Needless to say, the Lees were an American Political dynasty = (Nash=20 242). Lee's father was General Henry Light-Horse Harry Lee. He had = been=20 a heroic cavalry leader in the American Revolution. He married = his=20 cousin Matilda. They had four children, but Matilda died in 1790. On = her death=20 bed she added insult to injury upon Henry Lee by leaving her estate = to=20 her children. She feared Henry would squander the family fortune. = He was=20 well known for poor investments and schemes that had depleted his = own=20 family's fortune (Connelly 5). Henry Lee solved his financial problems by marrying Robert's = mother=20 Anne Carter, daughter of one of Virginia's wealthiest men (Nash = 242). Henry=20 Lee eventually spent his family into debt. Their stately mansion,=20 Stratford Hall, was turned over to Robert's half brother. Anne Lee moved = with=20 her children to a simple brick house in Alexandria. Light Horse = Harry=20 was seldom around. Finally, in 1813 he moved to the West Indies. = His=20 self-exile became permanent, and he was never seen again by his family=20 (Thomas). Young Robert had other family problems. His mother became very = ill. At=20 the age of twelve he had to shoulder the load of not only being the = family's provider, but also his mother's nurse. When time came for = Robert to=20 attend college, it was obvious his mother could not support him = financially.=20 She was already supporting his older brother at Harvard and three = other children in school. In 1824 he accepted an appointment to the = United=20 States Military Academy. During his time at West Point Lee = distinguished=20 himself as a soldier and a student. Lee graduated with honors in 1829 = (Nash=20 245). His graduation was dampened by a call to the bedside of his = ailing=20 mother. When he arrived home he found his fifty-four year old mother = close=20 to death. A death caused by struggles and illnesses of her = difficult=20 life. Robert was always close to his mother. He again attended to her = needs=20 until her death. On July 10, 1829, Anne Lee died with Robert, her = closest=20 son, at her side. Forty years later Robert would stand in the same room = and=20 say, It seems but yesterday that his beloved mother died (Connelly = 6). While awaiting his first assignment, Lee frequently visited = Arlington,=20 the estate of George Washington Parke Custis. Custis was the = grandson of=20 Martha Washington and the adopted son of George Washington. After = Martha's=20 death Custis left Mount Vernon and used his inheritance to build = Arlington=20 in 1778. Arlington was set on a hill over looking the Potomac = river=20 and Washington D.C. (NPS Arlington House). Custis had only one = daughter,=20 Mary Anna Randolph. Mary had been pampered and petted throughout her = life.=20 Lee's Courtship with Mary soon turned serious, before long they were = thinking=20 of marriage. However, before Robert could propose he was assigned = to=20 Cockspur Island, Georgia. Robert returned to Arlington in 1830. He and Mary decided to = get=20 married. The two were married on June 30, 1831(Nash 248). Shortly there = after=20 the Lees went to Fort Monroe. Mary was never happy here.

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Social Norm Challenge Essays - Elevator, The Norm Show, React

Social Norm Challenge Essays - Elevator, The Norm Show, React Social Norm Challenge 10 November 2014 Intro to Psychology Social Norm Challenge Pushing buttons for floors I am not going to on the elevator When you get on the elevator, you are usually suppose to just press the button for the floor that you are going to. When I get on the elevator with multiple other people, mostly strangers and press multiple buttons for floors that I am not getting off at, they become angry. Most people become angry and/or frustrated when I do that because they may be in a rush or they may just like that. But I get a different reaction when I do that when Im on the elevator with friends. They often yell at me and/or attempt to curse me out. When Im on the elevator with strangers and that happens, I kind of just laugh a little inside because it was just a joke and they take it so serious. But I dont say anything aloud; I just watch their facial expressions and body language. And maybe apologize when I get off or when they get off. I really dont feel anyway about their reaction I just laugh at both my friends and the strangers. Sit right next to someone in class when there are a lot of open seats When you enter a classroom with a lot of empty seats, most people would choose to sit in a seat in an area where no one is sitting. But sometimes I dont do that; I sit right next to somebody even though I see plenty of seats open. The person that I choose to sit next to may become very aggravated and disturbed because I chose to sit right next to them. They may even begin to feel uncomfortable. Their reaction is probably kind of the same way I would react. But I do things like that to try to be funny. So I didnt really take offense to their reaction. Start talking in class without raising my hand In most classroom scenarios, the teachers social norm is that you raise your hand before you begin speaking if you have something to say. But most times I dont do this, I just begin talking. Students in the class, who already had their hand up waiting to talk, may react by sucking their teeth and getting an attitude. The teacher sometimes becomes angry and tells me to not do it again but that slip my mind and I do it again. Ninety percent of the time I pay no attention to the students reaction. But I apologize to the teacher for not following the rules.

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Band, Bend, Bind, Bond, and Bund

Band, Bend, Bind, Bond, and Bund Band, Bend, Bind, Bond, and Bund Band, Bend, Bind, Bond, and Bund By Mark Nichol One of the joys of researching word origins and usage is discovering facts such as that the five English words formed on the frame of b_nd, with different vowels, are cognates, all stemming from a common proto-Indo-European ancestral verb meaning â€Å"restrain.† Band, meaning â€Å"a flat strip† or â€Å"something that binds,† came to refer not only to an object with either or both of those characteristics but also to an organized group of people, perhaps from the use of uniform pieces of cloth worn by affiliated warriors. This usage extended to refer to a group of musicians attached to a military unit, from which derived the use of the word for a civilian ensemble. Band is also a verb, meaning â€Å"bind† or â€Å"fasten† in one sense or â€Å"join† in another. Bend began as a verb describing fettering, or restraining of a person’s or animal’s feet, and the similar action of stringing a bow; from there it came to refer to any turning of a straight line or object and, as a noun, to a physical turn. To bind originally meant to tie something or someone up, as if to fasten or restrain, or to dress a wound, and later acquired the figurative meaning of â€Å"commit,† â€Å"oblige,† or â€Å"require.† The noun bind usually applies to the figurative sense, often with the connotation of being placed in an awkward situation, although someone may place someone else in a physical bind, as in wrestling. Bond, meanwhile, developed as a variant of band and describes physical adhesions, forces, and restraints as well as financial or legal documents, plus figurative connections, such as that described in the phrase â€Å"bonds of matrimony.† Like the related words above, it has a verb form as well. The last and least common word in this family is bund, taken directly from the German word for a confederacy or league, used in English to refer to a political organization, especially one for German-Americans, such as a pro-Nazi group that flourished before World War II. There is no verb form for this word. Also, the word describes a type of levee-type embankment often used in Asia; this term, ultimately from Persian, may be distantly related to the other terms. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Vocabulary category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:Is She a "Lady" or a "Woman"?60 Synonyms for â€Å"Trip†25 Idioms with Clean

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Del Rio Independent School District Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Del Rio Independent School District - Essay Example Many of these issues with regards race and ethnic background strengthened America's democratic fundamentals. One of these landmark cases was of Loving vs. Virginia, a civil rights case in which the United States Supreme Court proclaimed that Virginia's anti-miscegenation law, the "Racial Integrity Act of 1924", unconstitutional, thereby ending all race-based legal constraints on marriage in the United States. The accused, Mildred Jeter, of African descent and Richard Perry Loving, of Caucasian race, reside in the Commonwealth of Virginia but married in June of 1958 in the District of Columbia. They had left Virginia in order to elude a state law prohibiting marital union between a 'white person' and a 'non-white person.' The Supreme Court declared Virginia's law unconstitutional which in turn paved the way for the abolition of all race-based marriage statutes in the United States. Another case significant to the equality of race was the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, barring immigration for ten years.